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THANK YOU!!! WE DID IT!! We raised $402,302 for Shluchim Office: Together for Shluchim!

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Together for Shluchim

The Campaign

Update: Thank you to everyone that participated in this unbelievable show of much needed support to ensure that we can continue serving the Rebbe's shluchim. We have raised our ambitious goal to $400,000. Please partner with the Shluchim to make this happen!

Our annual campaign is on! Your contribution WILL make the difference!

For 36 hours, The Shluchim Office is raising funds toward our ongoing expenses and the operating budget for the programs and projects which benefit Shluchim worldwide.

We need YOU to help us reach our goal of $400,000.


plural Shluchim

  1. An individual imbued with boundless love and a sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of his fellow Jew.
  2. A representative of the Lubavitcher Rebbe officially appointed to a city, community or region to serve the Jewish population in that area.

Every day, thousands of Shluchim in every corner of the globe inspire Jewish identity, provide Jewish education, and ensure the physical and spiritual needs of their local community. Humbly and selflessly, these men, women and their children serve every Jew regardless of their demography, ideology, or affiliation, thereby actualizing our generation’s mission of transforming and perfecting our world and bringing Moshiach - one mitzvah, one spark, one person at a time.

Have you ever wondered about the resource center that serves the Shluchim in the same way they serve their communities?

The Shluchim Office

The Rebbe established The Shluchim Office in 5747 (1986) and empowered it with the mission to assist, support and serve as a central hub for the Shluchim and their families.

With a thirty-year history of impactful projects, The Shluchim Office has served as the impetus behind the many organizations offering assistance to Shluchim today.

The Shluchim Office has helped Shluchim and their families through Networking, the Shluchim Gemach, Friendship Circle International and many flagship children's programs like the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim, the Winter Camp, the Nigri International Shluchim Online School and CYH - Connecting Yaldei Hashluchim programs.

The Shluchim Office also serves as a home-away-from-home for Shluchim visiting New York, providing a lounge facility offering workspace, refreshments, and relaxation when a Shliach visits New York, and the Pomegranate Suites for lodging while they visit.

It has always been thanks to YOU and your ongoing support that allowed us to continue to be there for the Shluchim in so many ways.

For 36 hours, The Shluchim Office, along with an International Committee of Shluchim and Askonim, is raising funds toward our ongoing expenses and the operating budget for the programs and projects which benefit Shluchim worldwide.

We need YOU to help us reach our goal of $400,000!




Yosef & Yael Michelashvili
Rabbi Sholom D. & Chana Lipskar
Mordechai & Simcha Abergel
Jimmy Haber
Dovid & Gittel Fischer
Michael Maling
Daniel & Hadassah Kestenbaum
Marty & Kate Rifkin
Paul & Ahuva Raingold
Joseph & Shira Malka Walder
Yitzchok & Shaindel Raitport
In Honor of
The Asia Young Shluchim לע״נ שמחה בת שלמה


Gniwisch Family
Rabbi Shmuel & Sharon Goodman
Rabbi Shimon & Chiena Lazaroff
Rabbi Shmuel & Chaya Levitin
Rabbi Moishe & Shoshana Traxler
Rabbi German & Michele Fainzilber
Rabbi Asher & Henya Federman
Rabbi Levi & Bassi Shemtov
Rabbi Yosef Y. & Miriam Gopin
Rabbi Hillel Dovid & Sori Krinsky
Mr. Aaron & Judith Weingarten
Rabbi Yosef & Esther Greenberg
Rabbi Yossi & Maryashie Deren
Rabbi Zalman & Chana Lipskar
Rabbi Shmuel & Chanie Katz
Mr. Chaby Orfali & Friends
Rabbi Mendy & Malkie Herson
Rabbi Berel & Batsheva Shemtov
Rabbi Chaim & Batsheva Feldman
Rabbi Moshe & Pearl Herson
Rabbi Shimon & Dini Freundlich
Rabbi Sender & Sarah Gordon
Rabbi Meir & Fruma Kessler
Rabbi Yossie & Chanie Alperowitz
Rabbi Berel & Devorah Leah Levertov
Rabbi Yossi & Estie Marozov
Rabbi Nechemia & Masha Vogel
Rabbi Chay & Nechama Dina Amar
Rabbi Dovid & Rivke Flinkenstein
Rabbi Areyah & Esther Kaltmann
Mendel & Leah Notik
Rabbi Moshe & Chana Rabin
Rabbi Shua & Sara Rosenstein
Rabbi Dovid & Pearl Goldie Tiechtel
Mr Dovid & Lifsha Weissman
Rabbi Menachem M. & Chanie Posner
Rabbi Zushe & Miriam Greenberg
Rabbi Yoseph & Raizel Shemtov
Rabbi Mendy & Chavi Kastel
Mr Joel Jacob
Rabbi Zalman & Tziporah Levertov
Gary & Randy Defillip
Rabbi Shalom & Dinie Greenberg
Rabbi Menachem & Rachel Druk
Rabbi Chaim & Charna Mentz
Rabbi Binyamin & Shterna Wolff
Rabbi Chayim Boruch & Sarah Alevsky
Rabbi Meir Bar-lev
Rabbi Zalman A. & Esther R. Grossbaum
Rabbi Yossie & Bayla Rachel Biston
Rabbi Shuey & Sarah Biston
Rabbi Moshe & Nechama New
Rabbi Chaim & Shoshana Blachman
Rabbi Zalman & Chani Bukiet
Rabbi Shalom & Henny Chazan
Rabbi Mordechai & Goldie Avtzon
Rabbi Moishe & Rivkah Denburg
Rabbi Dov & Hindy Drizin
Rabbi Dovid & Stella Eliezrie
Rabbi Yisroel & Rasha Leah Engel
Rabbi Pinchas & Chani Ezagui
Rabbi Dovid & Rivie Feldman
Rabbi Yoel & Chaya Gancz
Rabbi Berl & Chanie Goldman
Rabbi Yisroel & Devorie Goldstein
Rabbi Avrohom & Nini Grossbaum
Mr. Zev. & Lieba Rudolph
Rabbi Yossi & Nechama Harlig
Rabbi Yitzchok & Rochel Hassine
Rabbi Yoseph C. & Nechama Dina Kantor
Rabbi Yochonon & Ester Klein
Rabbi Avrohom Korf
Rabbi Chaim & Chanie Lazaroff
Rabbi Shmuel & Hinda Malkah Lew
Rabbi Dovid & Chaya Roschell Masinter
Rabbi Isser & Musha New
Rabbi Yale & Rickelle New
Rabbi Yaakov T. & Chanie Rapoport
Rabbi Eliezer & Rochi Shemtov
Rabbi Alter & Binie Tenenbaum
Rabbi Yitzchok & Libby T. Wolf
Rabbi Rabbi Levi & Chanie Wolff
Rabbi Yecheskiel & Perry Wolff
Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos
Rabbi Hirschy & Elkie Zarchi
Rabbi Asher & Zeesy Deren
Rabbi Avraham & Chava Chelly
Rabbi Shalom & Rivka Chriqui
Rabbi Yonason & Sussie Denebeim
Rabbi Zalman & Nechama Duchman
Rabbi Yosef & Mina Eisenbach
Rabbi Yosef & Baila Gansburg
Rabbi Aron & Shterna Sara Ginsberg
Rabbi Dovid & Chani Goldberg
Rabbi Zalman & Yehudit Greenberg
Rabbi Mendel & Mussy Groner
Rabbi Zalman & Toba Leah Grossbaum
Rabbi Asher & Sarah Herson
Rabbi Zev & Ariela Johnson
Rabbi Alexander & Chanie Kaller
Rabbi Schneor Kaplan
Rabbi Sholom Ber & Rivkah Korf
Rabbi Baruch & Kreina Lepkivker
Rabbi Sholom & Chana Lew
Rabbi Yisrael Lieberman
Rabbi Shmuel & Tzippy Mann
Rabbi Betzalel & Leah Marinovsky
Rabbi Dov & Racheli Muchnik
Rabbi Schneur Oirechman
Rabbi Shalom & Yael Pelman
Rabbi Yossi & Fruma Posner
Rabbi Shmuel & Tova Rapoport
Rabbi Naftoli & Sara Freidah Rotenstreich
Rabbi Menachem & Chava Schmidt
Rabbi Ephraim & Nechamy Simon
Rabbi Yosef & Chaya Schera Spalter
Rabbi Yehuda & Leah Tiechtel
Rabbi Yisroel & Haya Uzan
Rabbi Levi & Fraidy Vogel
Mr. Yakov & Sheryl Weingrow
Rabbi Mendy & Devory Wineberg
Rabbi Avraham & Chaya Wolff
Rabbi Yossie & Chanie Nemes
Rabbi Yoseph & Chani Shemtov
Rabbi Yosef & Sarah Weingarten
Rabbi Sholom Ber & Devorah Leah Dubov
Rabbi Yehuda Leib & Nechama Dina Kantor
Rabbi Leibel & Devora Alevsky
The Chein Foundation
Ephraim & Chana Piekarski
Rabbi Mendy & Tzippy Weiss
Rabbi Yosef & Bayla Rachel Biston
Rabbi Ovadia & Nechama Goldman

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