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Goal:  $550,000

Update: Thank you to everyone that participated in this unbelievable show of much needed support to ensure that we can continue serving the Rebbe's shluchim. We have raised our ambitious goal to $550,000. Please partner with the Shluchim to make this happen!

For 32 years, ever since the Rebbe called for its founding, the Shluchim Office has assisted, supported and served as a central hub for the Shluchim and their families.

Today we are launching the With All Our Heart Campaign to come together for shluchim. Today you have an opportunity to invest in an organization that has been helping shluchim for 32 years.

How it works

For just 36 hours, you can partner with us in serving the Shluchim, just like they serve their communities. Every dollar you donate will help us fulfill the Rebbe’s directive to provide support and connectivity to every Shliach in every part of the world.

Today you can help the Shluchim office Raise $360,000 in 36 hours and be a part of a community of thousands dedicated to helping the Shluchim Office serve shluchim.

Yosef & Yael Michelashvili
Campaign Co-Chairs

About the Shluchim Office

Established by the Rebbe in 5747 (1986), The Shluchim Office is empowered to assist, support and serve as a central hub for the Shluchim and their families.

What we do

The Shluchim Office, a central embassy for the Rebbe’s ambassadors to world Jewry, offers concierge solutions, enterprising support and dynamic connectivity to every Shliach in every part of the world.

Our Mission

Thousands of centers worldwide serving Jews from all walks of life encounter manifold logistical, practical and economic challenges. The Shluchim and their families have become the heart of Jewish life in every corner of the globe, wholly dedicated to providing for their community’s every need, be it physical or spiritual. It is our Shlichus - our mission - to serve the Shluchim as they serve their communities.

We Thank Our Recent Partners
Zalmi Hazan
Rafael Rachamim
לכבוד השכינה
Joseph Trachtman
Berel Zucker
לרפואת טויבא רייזיל בת זלאטע
Shimon & Chaya Posner
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